The First 3 Discs You Should Get as a Beginner to Try Clash Discs

The First 3 Discs You Should Get as a Beginner to Try Clash Discs

Starting out in disc golf can be an exciting adventure, especially when it comes to choosing your first set of discs. If you're looking to try out Clash Discs, a brand known for its quality and innovation, here are the first three discs you should consider to kickstart your disc golf journey.

1. Clash Discs Soda – Your Intro to Distance Driving

The Clash Discs Soda is the ideal choice for beginners who are venturing into the world of distance drivers. What makes Soda stand out is its slower speed combined with a long glide. This combination makes it not just forgiving for new players but also effective in achieving distance without requiring a lot of power. Its ability to shape drives, especially in wooded areas, makes it a versatile addition to your disc golf bag.

2. Clash Discs Berry – The All-Purpose Midrange Disc

Next in your beginner's kit should be the Clash Discs Berry. This all-purpose midrange disc is designed to offer straight flights and versatile lines. Its standout feature is the comfortable grip, making it easy to handle for players of all skill levels. When thrown flat, the Berry provides a balanced and predictable flight, making it a reliable go-to disc for various situations on the course. Whether you're navigating tight fairways or looking for precision in your approach, the Berry has you covered.


3. Clash Discs Popcorn – The Versatile Putter

Rounding out the beginner's trio is the Clash Discs Popcorn. This putter is a game-changer for its straight-flying nature, suitable for both throwing and putting. Its controllable design is a boon for beginners, accommodating a wide range of throwing styles and lines. The Popcorn shines in its versatility, ensuring that whether you're facing a straightforward putt or a challenging approach, you have a reliable disc at your disposal.

Starting with these three Clash Discs – Soda, Berry, and Popcorn – will give any beginner a solid foundation in disc golf. Each disc offers something unique, from distance driving to precision putting, ensuring a well-rounded experience for newcomers to the sport. As you grow in your disc golf journey, these discs will continue to be valuable assets in your arsenal, helping you refine your game and tackle new challenges on the course.

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