Cool Daddy Street Team

We have stopped accepting applications for 2023. Please stay tuned to our Instagram for news on 2024 applications.

The disc golf journey continues with Cool Daddy Disc Golf and the time has come for the Cool Daddy Disc Golf Street Team. 

What is the Cool Daddy Disc Golf Street Team?

The purpose of the team is build a relationship between Cool Daddy Disc Golf (CDDG) and Clash Discs enthusiasts.

As a team member you will get a special discount on Clash Discs discs when purchased at CDDG.

You will be given a unique discount code to give out to friends and to post on social media that will be tracked to you.

Does this mean I will be sponsored by Clash Discs?

No. Although CDDG specializes in Clash Discs, this agreement is separate from any Clash Discs sponsorship. All discounts or agreements are between CDDG and the player.

Will you pay for my tournament fees?

No. This is a store sponsorship. In exchange for helping spread awareness for CDDG you receive a discount at CDDG online.

Do I have to only throw Clash Discs?

No. Clash Discs has an open bag policy and that is what CDDG will follow. Though it works better for both you and CDDG to see Clash Discs molds in your bag and on your social media. 

What is expected of CDDG Street Team?

That you embody the values that CDDG holds: camaraderie, sportsmanship, respect toward others, and a genuine love of disc golf.

Are there different tiers?

For 2023 there is only one tier. 

Is this only for the United States?

Yes, currently this is only for players located in the United States. As we grow we will look into expanding our area.

How do I get more info to see if I want to join?

Stay tuned for info on 2024.