Rack of Clash Discs

Unboxing, Organizing, and Selling Clash Discs

Getting a notification about a package delivery always brings a surge of excitement. So, you can imagine my enthusiasm when I received a UPS notification informing me about the arrival of boxes from Finland, straight from the Clash Discs factory. The email stated that the delivery was scheduled for June 30th. It couldn't have been more perfect, just in time for the Vanilla release.

A Change of Plans

With the week well underway, I had already planned my schedule accordingly. I had set aside the entire Friday to pick up the discs and count them. However, later in the week, I received another email. My heart sank as I read that the delivery had been delayed. Disappointment washed over me, but there was nothing much I could do about it.
And then later that day I got another email saying they were back on schedule for June 30th. 

A Twist of Fate

As luck would have it, later that same day, another email popped up in my inbox, proclaiming that they were back on schedule for June 30th. A glimmer of hope returned, and I eagerly awaited the day when I could finally get my hands on those elusive discs.

My car with the hatch open and 5 big boxes of Clash Discs in the driveway

The Delivery Dilemma

In order to avoid any mishaps, I had the packages delivered to my parents' house. After all, I currently reside in an apartment and didn't want the mammoth boxes of discs arriving at my doorstep, potentially in my absence. To ensure a smooth transition, I enlisted the help of my dad, who graciously loaded up some of the boxes into his car, following me back to my place.

Counting, Photographing, and Listing

The next step was to meticulously count all the discs, cross-referencing them with the invoice. It was an exhilarating process, as I immersed myself in the world of disc golf. Once the counting was complete, I delved into the task of taking captivating photos. A little bit of Photoshop magic was required to remove any distracting background elements. Creating the online listings demanded precision and attention to detail, which consumed a couple of days. Admittedly, I did take some breaks to attend 4th of July parties and indulge in a game of Pickleball.

Clash discs on shelves

Organizing with Shelves

On a sunny Monday morning, July 3rd, my eagerly awaited shelves were finally delivered. Their arrival marked a turning point in my disc golf enterprise. The shelves offered a significant advantage by providing an organized system for storing and displaying the discs. This meant that pulling orders would now be a breeze, as I no longer had to rummage through boxes in search of specific discs.

The Power of the Web

With everything neatly organized, it was time to bask in the joy of having all the products listed on my website. The release of the Clash Disc Vanilla over the weekend couldn't have been more opportune. The response has been overwhelming, with numerous orders pouring in. Now, it's time to devise a strategy to further amplify awareness about the Cool Daddy Disc Golf store.

From the excitement of unboxing the much-anticipated delivery to the satisfaction of having a well-organized inventory, this disc golf journey has been nothing short of thrilling. As I embark on the next phase of growing my store, I can't help but feel a surge of enthusiasm. With the Vanilla Clash Discs making waves and the Cool Daddy Disc Golf store gaining traction, the future looks bright.

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