Discovering the Clash Discs Cherry: A Midrange Delight

Discovering the Clash Discs Cherry: A Midrange Delight

I'm thrilled to discuss the latest addition to Clash Discs' lineup, the Cherry midrange, which I had the chance to review ahead of its 2024 release. As a part of the 2023 holiday box, these prototypes have already generated quite a buzz.

Cherry: A Perfect Blend Between Berry and Peach

Clash Discs' Cherry is touted as a midrange disc that bridges the gap between the Berry and Peach models. The Berry, known for its straight and stable flight, is a staple in my bag. It flies flat with enough power and predictably stabilizes towards the end. On the other hand, the Peach is more of a stable-to-straight disc, great for turnover shots with a gentle fade.

Flight Test and Observations

In a typical Oklahoma tailwind, the Cherry showcased a flight pattern reminiscent of the Berry but with a distinct character. With more power, the Cherry held a straighter line for longer than the Berry, demonstrating its versatility. Even in a headwind, when released with a slight hyzer, the Cherry adapted well, transforming the wind into a controlled flight with a gentle fade.

Flight Numbers and Comparisons

The Cherry's flight numbers are 5 (Speed), 5 (Glide), -2 (Turn), and 1 (Fade), making it slightly faster than the Peach. It offers a bit more distance than the Peach, standing out as a faster option. However, a detailed comparison with the Berry and Peach in different conditions would paint a clearer picture of its unique characteristics.

Application and Preference

From my initial throws, I deduce that the Cherry wouldn't be my first choice in a headwind situation. However, for controlled, straight shots with a slow fade – especially in wooded areas or calm conditions – the Cherry shows great promise. Its distinct feel might also make it a preferred option for those who find it more comfortable than the Peach.

Final Thoughts and Future Comparisons

The Cherry from Clash Discs is a compelling new midrange disc with potential for various playing styles and conditions. Its close resemblance to the Berry and Peach in flight numbers but unique in feel and performance warrants further exploration. I plan to conduct more comparative reviews to delve deeper into how the Cherry stands out from its counterparts.

Stay Tuned for More

Keep an eye out for future videos where I'll compare the Cherry with the Berry and Peach, and let's see how this new midrange can enhance our disc golf experience. Here's hoping for a mild winter in Oklahoma for more disc golf adventures!

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