Clash Discs Fudge: The Beaded Putter Review

Clash Discs Fudge: The Beaded Putter Review

Greetings from Hunter Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma! Today, I'm excited to share my thoughts on the Clash Discs Fudge, the brand's first beaded putter. As a disc golf enthusiast, I'm always eager to explore new additions to my gear, and the Fudge caught my attention.

First Impressions and Feel

Upon handling the Fudge, its build quality immediately stands out. The plastic feels robust and comfortable in hand, a crucial factor for any putter. The two prototypes I examined—one from my bag and the other off the shelf—promised a promising start to the review.

Design and Profile

The Fudge isn't overly deep, striking a nice balance in its design. Its depth is similar to the popular popcorn model, which should feel familiar to many players. The noticeable bead on the Fudge is distinct and can be felt during putting, especially for those who prefer a beaded grip.

Flight Characteristics and Performance

With flight numbers of Speed 2 Glide 3 Turn 0 Fade 2, the Fudge presents itself as a stable putter. In my throwing tests, it exhibited a neutral flight with minimal fade, making it a solid choice for approach shots. It maintained its line well, even with a slight tailwind, and didn't flip up under my arm speed.

Versatility and Comparison

The Fudge's performance was consistent across various throwing styles. Throwing it with more power in a headwind, it held a low and flat trajectory, proving its stability and reliability. Compared to the butter and softy models, the Fudge stands out with its bead and straight flight, though it's not necessarily a disc I would use for long throws.

Overall, the Clash Discs Fudge is a dependable and well-built putter, especially suited for those who favor a beaded feel. While it may not replace my go-to throwing putter, it certainly earns a spot as a reliable approach putter. If you're a fan of the feel and flight of the popcorn but are looking for something with a bead, the Fudge is definitely worth trying out.

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