A new disc golf adventure for Cool Daddy Slick Breeze

A new disc golf adventure for Cool Daddy Slick Breeze

I have been helping Clash Discs grow in the United States by managing their social media and other duties. About the first of the year I was on a video call with Clash and misprints was mentioned. They had some misprints that were just sitting in their warehouse.

I said, "SEND THEM TO ME!" I did not yell it, but I wanted to.

Eventually I was able to purchase the misprints with the intent of opening a misprint only store...like a factory store...so I created Clash Discs Factory.

After getting ClashDiscFactory.com up and running.

Setting up inventory.

Learning what works and what does not.

I started thinking that having an online store where I could sell other Clash Discs items would be a great next move.

But in order to do it the way I want to, I needed to change the name so people know it is my store, Bobby Coooool Daddy Slick Breeze.

Here it is. CoolDaddyDiscGolf.com. I am going to specialize in Clash Discs.

I am very excited to see where this new adventure takes me and happy to have you guys along for the ride.
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This is awesome! Great idea!!


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