Unveiling the Clash Discs Sage: A New Distance Driver to Elevate Your Game

Unveiling the Clash Discs Sage: A New Distance Driver to Elevate Your Game

Exciting news for disc golf enthusiasts! I've recently had the opportunity to test the Sage, a new distance driver from Clash Discs, set to be released in 2024. As part of the 2023 holiday box, these prototype discs have already sparked interest in the disc golf community.

The Sage's Flight Numbers and Initial Thoughts

The Sage boasts impressive flight numbers: 12 (Speed), 6 (Glide), -1 (Turn), and 3 (Fade), positioning it close to the Salt in terms of glide but with its unique characteristics. To provide context, the Wild Honey has numbers of 12, 5, -2, 2, and the Salt is at 12, 5, 1, 3. This suggests that the Sage might offer a balance between control and distance.

Field Testing: Understanding the Sage's Flight

In a tailwind scenario, the Sage displayed a robust flight pattern. With a slightly hyzer release and increased power, it demonstrated the ability to stand up, glide effectively, and then gently fade, aligning well with its flight numbers. This suggests that the Sage is versatile enough to cater to different throwing styles and power levels.

Comparisons and Potential

When comparing the Sage to other well-known distance drivers like the Dynamic Discs Raider or Trespass, or even the Innova Destroyer, it seems to hold its own, especially in terms of flight numbers and performance. These comparisons are crucial for understanding where the Sage fits in the wider spectrum of distance drivers.

Performance in Different Wind Conditions

The Sage proved to be more effective in a headwind, showing the ability to stand up to the wind and still maintain a predictable fade. This adaptability is a key feature for any distance driver, especially for players looking for a reliable disc that can handle various conditions.

Distance and Accuracy

Based on my tests, the Sage consistently achieved around 300 feet, even against the wind, a commendable distance for players who may not have a 'big arm'. This level of performance positions the Sage as a viable option for achieving birdies and maintaining accuracy on the course.

Conclusion: Anticipation for the Sage

The Sage by Clash Discs is shaping up to be a promising addition to any disc golfer's bag. With its balanced flight numbers, aesthetic appeal, and versatile performance, it's a disc that I'm excited to see more of. While its release is slated for 2024, those eager to get a sneak peek can find it in the 2023 holiday box available at Cool Daddy Disc Golf.

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