Introducing the Clash Discs Guava: A Midrange Disc Set to Revolutionize Your Game in 2024

Introducing the Clash Discs Guava: A Midrange Disc Set to Revolutionize Your Game in 2024

Exciting news for disc golfers! The Guava midrange, a new offering from Clash Discs, is set to make a significant impact in 2024. Already gaining popularity among players like Scott Withers and others, the Guava has been featured in the 2023 holiday box as a prototype and has sparked considerable interest.

Flight Characteristics of the Guava

With flight numbers of Speed 5, Glide 5, Turn 0, and Fade 2, the Guava sits comfortably within the midrange category, closely aligned with discs like the Berry, Peach, and Cherry. However, it brings its unique flight dynamics to the field.

Testing the Guava in Various Conditions

In my experience, the Guava showed distinct flight patterns under different conditions. In a tailwind of about 10 to 15 mph, the Guava didn't stand up as much as the Cherry, suggesting a more stable flight path for players like myself who don't have extremely fast arm speeds.

Performance in Headwind

Throwing the Guava into a headwind revealed its ability to turn over yet reliably fade back. This characteristic makes it an excellent choice for handling windy conditions. When thrown with a bit more power and a hyzer angle, the Guava displayed an impressive ability to catch the wind, stand up, and then fade significantly as it lost speed.

Suitability for Different Players

For players with a faster arm speed than mine, the Guava is likely to fly straighter, making the most of its 0 turn and utilizing the 2 fade effectively at the end of its flight. For those with similar arm speeds to mine, the Guava will exhibit more stability, which can be advantageous in various situations.

Final Thoughts and Future Plans

The Guava from Clash Discs feels great in hand and performs impressively on the course. While it may not be a dead-straight flyer for players with moderate arm speeds, it offers a reliable and controllable flight that can be especially useful in windy conditions. I'm looking forward to incorporating the Guava into my bag for more extensive testing and seeing how it fits into my overall game strategy.

Anticipation for the Guava's Official Release

With its 2024 release on the horizon, the Guava is a midrange disc that promises to bring a new dynamic to disc golfers' games. Whether you're battling the wind or looking for a stable, reliable midrange, the Guava is definitely worth the wait.

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