Inside the North East Disc Golf Expo: A Vendor's Unforgettable Experience

Inside the North East Disc Golf Expo: A Vendor's Unforgettable Experience

In this episode of the Cool Daddy Disc Golf podcast we get a first-hand account of Anthony's journey to the North East Disc Golf Expo, an event that has quickly become a cornerstone for disc golf enthusiasts and industry insiders alike. Anthony, initially introduced to the expo by Ben Kenny, the event's founder, saw it as an unparalleled opportunity for both sales and networking within the disc golf community. Despite its inception as a modest industry trade show, the expo's rapid growth was evident through increased participation and attendee excitement, spurred by significant social media promotion and the involvement of major disc golf brands like Innova, Discraft, and MVP.

Anthony's highlights the expo's expansion from a single-room event to a comprehensive conference center takeover, featuring multiple rooms for vendors, panels, and special activities. With approximately 3,000 tickets sold for the first day, the event's popularity was undeniable, offering exclusive product releases and appearances by disc golf celebrities. The expo was not just about buying and selling; it was a platform for community engagement, learning, and sharing the passion for disc golf, especially appreciated during the off-season's less favorable weather conditions.

Anthony's participation, opting for a basic 10x10 booth, was a strategic move to establish presence and connect with the community. The expo's format allowed for different levels of participation and sponsorship, catering to businesses of all sizes. Besides the trade show aspect, the expo offered panels on disc golf media, course design, and other topics, enriching the experience for attendees beyond the commercial offerings.

Special attractions like a life-size cutout of Simon Lizotte and the opportunity to play the Music City Open guitar added unique touches to the event. The expo spanned two days, with activities consistently drawing crowds, further enhanced by the attached nine-hole glow course, creating a festival-like atmosphere.

For Anthony, the expo was more than just a business opportunity; it was a chance to immerse in the disc golf community, share knowledge with peers, and contribute to the sport's growth. Anthony's experience underscores the expo's role in not only promoting disc golf products but also fostering a sense of unity and excitement within the disc golf world. The success and impact of the North East Disc Golf Expo signal a bright future for the sport, with potential expansions into other regions, further solidifying its status as a key event in the disc golf calendar.
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