Exploring the Full Range of Clash Discs Midranges: A Comprehensive Field Test

Exploring the Full Range of Clash Discs Midranges: A Comprehensive Field Test

I recently embarked on an ambitious project to test and compare the complete lineup of Clash Discs midrange discs. With my basket set up for standstill upshots, I threw each disc side by side to observe their differences in performance.

The Clash Discs Midrange Family

My test included the Berry, Guava, Cherry, Mango, and Peach. Each of these discs has unique characteristics and flight numbers, making them suitable for different situations on the course.

Testing Methodology

With a slight tailwind, I started my test with standstill throws, aiming to observe the flight patterns and behaviors of each disc. The goal was to gauge their stability, glide, and overall performance in a controlled setting.

Observations and Comparisons

Berry: Exhibited great utility as a mid-range disc. It was reliable and predictable, making it an essential disc for any player.
Guava: Displayed a flight similar to the Berry but with distinct characteristics. It didn’t stand up as much, offering a more stable flight.
Cherry: Flew a little longer with a straight path, not as much glide as the Peach but more than the Berry.
Mango: Noticeably more overstable, it was the shortest in distance due to its stability.
Peach: Surprised me with its straighter, longer flight and more glide.
Grouping and Putting Opportunities

The grouping at the basket revealed that the Mango was the shortest due to its overstability, while the Guava and Berry landed close together. The Cherry and Peach reached the same distance, offering better putting opportunities.

Step-and-Throw Test

In a follow-up test, I took a step before throwing, which added a bit more distance. The Berry flew straight and landed right next to the basket, while the Guava and Cherry had a slight skip past it. The Mango, known for its overstability, landed short and to the left. The Peach, ideal for this shot, glided past the basket.

Real-World Course Test

Finally, I picked an actual hole (Hole 4 at Hailey Creek) for a more realistic test. Each disc was thrown once, revealing:

The Berry was short but offered a workable putt.
The Guava and Cherry had similar performances with a skip or fade at the end.
The Cherry turned over a bit more, offering more distance.
The Mango faded hard to the left as expected.
The Peach, despite needing more beating in, showed its characteristic turn and comeback, albeit a bit off-target.
Conclusion: Picking the Right Clash Discs Midrange

In conclusion, each Clash Discs midrange offers distinct advantages. The Berry is a must-have for its utility. The Guava and Cherry provide stable, predictable flights. The Mango is ideal for those needing overstability. The Peach stands out for its glide and ability to handle various wind conditions. Depending on the specific needs and style of play, each disc can find its place in a disc golfer's bag.

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