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Clash Discs TONE Salt Prototype

Clash Discs TONE Salt Prototype

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Introducing the Clash Discs TONE Salt

They are listed by color and within that listing are different shades. If you order Orange Shade the shade of orange you sent out will vary. 

The bottom of the rim is made of the stiffer plastic, which makes the disc very torque resistant. The top of the disc is a very grippy premium plastic mixture, which guarantees the best possible feel when throwing in any conditions. TONE technology combines the best properties of two different plastics in a completely new way with 3-dimensional appearance. This additionally accelerates the disc's spin speed during throws. All these elements collectively enhance the disc, unlocking its peak performance potential.

The listing photos include two discs to show the different shades. When you make your selection you are purchasing one disc at $29.99 each. 

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