Why Clash Disc Candy is My Go-To Putter

Why Clash Disc Candy is My Go-To Putter

Clash Discs has once again made a significant addition to their product line with the Candy putter, a disc that has quickly become my favorite for putting. As the owner of Cool Daddy Disc Golf, I'm thrilled to offer the full range of Clash Discs, including the Candy putter.

The Collaboration Behind Candy

What sets the Candy putter apart is its unique genesis. It was created in collaboration with Randy Clayton in Finland, a fact that speaks to the international effort and expertise invested in its design.

Flight Characteristics and Performance

During my tests, the Candy putter demonstrated impressive capabilities. Its flight numbers are 3 (Speed), 3 (Glide), and 1 (Fade), indicating a balanced and reliable performance. In my throws, the Candy exhibited a remarkably straight flight path, a feature that any disc golfer would appreciate for precision putting.

Putting Demonstrations and Feel

Not only does the Candy excel in flight, but its feel and grip are equally noteworthy. In my putting demonstrations, the Candy felt comfortable and natural in hand, enhancing my control and confidence during throws.

Personal Endorsement and Recommendation

After extensive testing and use in various conditions, I can confidently say that the Clash Disc Candy has become my preferred putter. Its combination of straight flight, comfortable grip, and overall performance makes it an excellent choice for both amateur and professional players.

Conclusion: A Must-Try for Disc Golf Enthusiasts

If you're in search of a reliable, high-performing putter, the Clash Disc Candy should be at the top of your list. Its design, feel, and flight characteristics stand out in a crowded field of options. I strongly recommend giving the Candy putter a try — it might just become your new favorite too.

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